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May 6, 2016 - Comments Off on Babes United Brand Expansion

Babes United Brand Expansion

Over the last two years in design school, I've come to really love the process of branding. There's something really interesting and challenging about defining a voice for a brand and representing that visually. Babes United started as a magazine highlighting female crafters and makers but has expanded into a website, lapel pins, weavings, and video. Branding Babes United was particularly fun because the demographic would be people like myself and friends of mine, which also presented unique challenges like being about to step away a see it objectively.

After creating the initial magazine and website, I decided to make some teaser Instagram videos in After Effects. These are only a few seconds long, but attempt to capture the brand of babes united. The one above is an example of a promotion for the website.



May 5, 2016 - Comments Off on Nested Rental App Task Flows

Nested Rental App Task Flows

After receiving 42 responses from our survey, we created some task flows based on user needs. We had new users go through each task flow and give feedback. Check it out!