I was approached by Chef Tony White to create a logo for his pop-up catering company, Smoke Co. We began by defining brand characteristics using a brand deck. I explored visual representations that adhered to these characteristics and voiced the brand of Smoke Co. Through mind-mapping and sketching, we landed on a logo.


The concept grew from the attributes of smoke, particularly the way it can appear both opaque and transparent, and seemingly reflective in the light. The result is a logo that is meant to appear reflective and colored in grey tones.

Though I enjoy creating custom wordpress sites, Smoke Co's needs were simple and easily satisfied by a squarespace template. I added the logo and photographs, updated the menus to give the site a personal touch. 

Graphic Designer Halie Schwartz and I planned and shot a video of Tony White smoking brisket. We paired the video with the song "Everyday in the Week Blues" by Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley. This video is a great way to personalize the Smoke Co brand and offer an in depth look into offset smoking.